The Renaissance of Sustainable Skincare

With a strong, constant awareness of how much waste the skincare world produces, beauty brands and manufacturers have started to overhaul their practices to create a more environment-friendly, warm and homely industry.

Sustainable or eco-friendly skincare represents beauty products that come from ingredients that don’t damage natural resources, exploit mankind or cause harm to wildlife in the process. Not only are they a growing concept, but also a guilt-free purchase for the customers. 

At T&S, we believe in the ideology of ‘Keep It Clean: Go Green!’, in figurative AND literal sense! We don’t just care about people, but also the planet we live in. 

It’s a Sunday and you’re at the mall. As you peruse the store shelf, you’ll see your favorite skin products labelled as ‘non-toxic’, ‘clean’ and more. But, what really makes a brand create-cum-sell guilt-free skincare products in truest sense? 

Sustainable skincare products are born from rich ingredients that are harvested via natural and eco-responsible methods, giving you the security of being woke of how your skincare product is devoid of harmful chemicals. At every step of our production process, T&S aims to use recyclable materials. Our products are packed in glass bottles and our external packaging uses cardboard in our quest to say a vehement no to plastic and focus on innovative alternatives.

We understand how sustainability is all about creating an enterprise or business model that has the least and yet most important impact on the environment. Especially in skincare and beauty, sustainability means having recyclable packaging, reducing the use of single-use plastics, carefully selecting non-toxic ingredients, ensuring product safety, and decreasing the carbon footprint from manufacturing to delivery. With a similar mindset and multiple such initiatives, we contribute with our bit and hope to minimize greenhouse gas emissions—most importantly, our carbon footprint—that adds to global warming, while also helping to reduce waste and conserve natural resources for our future generations. 

In today’s time, it is important that your choices make you commit to making the world a greener, welcoming place, and our vision is to focus on 100% naturally-sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging that are safe for everyone—marine life, wildlife and human beings. 

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