Brand story

A 100% vegan skincare brand designed to make you feel beautiful, naturally.

All big businesses today, including the skincare industry, are cashing in on the word "natural”; passing off products as vegan by throwing in a few natural ingredients, even though they are overflowing with other chemical and toxic ingredients.

The cold, hard truth is this: Your favourite beauty and skin-care products, from shampoos to sunscreens, are often guilty of poisoning the oceans and harming marine life.

Realising it’s high time that businesses like us lead the change, was born with an unwavering mission to protect the environment and bring complete transparency to an industry that has for long been plagued by dubious ingredients and inflated promises.

How do we do this?

  • By offering you a 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free skincare brand, that is free from all animal products and by-products, and refuses to test on animals.
  • By using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging to minimise greenhouse gas emissions, reduce waste and conserve natural resources for our future generations.

Back to the Beginning

Our journey towards sustainability began with developing a unique formula of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil using matured, organic Goan coconuts—-an ode to the abundant coconut plantations dotting Goa, one of the greenest states in India. This culminated into an entire range of environmentally-friendly skincare products, sans the harmful chemicals.

Our gentle formulas are made from plants and minerals, coupled with antioxidants, skin-replenishing, and safe and tested ingredients to improve the overall health of your skin and leave you with that healthy glow.

They are repeatedly monitored, formulated and tested to eliminate anything that could affect your body and our environment.

So, whether you have normal, combination or even sensitive skin, our products are exactly what the doctor ordered.

At, we don’t believe in making tall promises, but instead, choose to deliver results.

We want you to feel beautiful, naturally. And hope to encourage the rest of the world to go green, and not just with envy.

Our Mission

A premium skincare alternative you can trust

Committed to our philosophy of simplicity and transparency, our mission is to offer consumers a premium vegan skincare alternative that’s safe, effective and one they can trust.

Our Vision

To make the world greener, one product at a time

The personal care industry, worth over US$500 billion, relies heavily on harmful packaging and ingredients that often find their way into delicate environments such as our seas and oceans.

Committed to making the world a greener place, our vision is to focus on 100% naturally-sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging that are safe for everyone—marine life, wildlife and human beings. Our products contain no animal products or by-products, and we are
also animal cruelty-free.