Cracking the right formula for our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Maybe it’s the way coconut oil evokes the image of swaying palm trees in a tropical paradise. Or the white color that suggests an all-natural purity that’s appealing in a world filled with highly processed consumer goods. Or maybe we’re all just looking for the next big thing in healthy foods or all-natural beauty products. Enter extra virgin coconut oil (EVCO), a product that has recently been gaining popularity worldwide.

Being born and brought up in our own little tropical paradise of Goa, half of which is dotted with coconut plantations, it was only a matter of time before we began tapping our own home-grown coconuts to produce EVCO. But this was no easy feat.

Getting to the root of the matter

While almost 70% of Goa’s coconuts are native to the state and only 30% are hybrid varieties, all trees are different and the coconuts even more varied, making producing authentic EVCO a tough task.

After years of research, scourging through the remote villages of Goa, cracking open various coconuts, tasting them, and testing different oils, we finally arrived at a gentle EVCO formula that is not just native to Goa and authentic, but is also free from the harsh aroma and greasiness associated with other oils passing off as EVCO in the market today.

Why’s everyone going nuts about our EVCO?

1. The proof is in the coconut: Our coconuts are 100% Goan, over 70 years old and from trees located in the remote villages of Goa. These trees, mainly planted strategically during the Portuguese era, use natural fertilisers and are designed to get only 4-5 hours of natural sunlight (unlike the beachside coconut trees). Their main source of water is also natural, as they are planted on the banks of springs, packed with nutrients.

2. The sweeter, the better: After picking the right coconut tree, we move on to the coconuts, which are tested for sweetness. Once they pass the taste test, the coconut cream is extracted and processed for 8-12 hours to extract the oil. The higher the quantity, the longer the extract process.

3. Unique extraction process: We say no to unhygienic oil mills and age-old centrifuge extraction processes, and instead, opt for our own extraction process, developed after years of research and expert advice.

4. Light, non-greasy & packed with nutrients: Once the coconuts are plucked from the tree, the oil is extracted within seven days to get and retain all the nutrients, which include 65-70% of lauric acid. As a result, our oil is light in texture and consistency, non-greasy and can be easily absorbed by the skin. It can also be used as a conditioner for the hair and for scalp nourishment.

5. Say bye to dry: Unlike most EVCOs, which are extracted from dried coconuts, we extract ours from fresh coconuts.

People before profits

Although many families in Goa have coconut plantations, the rising costs associated with maintaining their lands have been difficult. The lucrative offers from outsiders offering to buy their lands have also been tough to pass up.

Doing our bit to help the community preserve their lands, we have tied up with villagers to offer them a rewarding amount in exchange for coconuts. Plans are also afoot to contribute to the dwindling “padekar” or coconut plucker community in the state.