Everything You Need to Know About Plant-Based Vegan Skincare

P.S.A.: Veganism IS the talk of the town. No, literally, it’s a raving green taking over beauty in a snap! But, how much do you really know about the term? In the truest essence of it, how much do you even know about Vegan Skincare? It’s time we got some facts in-line. 


Veganism is the practice of shunning the use and consumption of animal-based by-products in your day-to-day life. Vegan Skincare as well, comes with the conscious ideology of rejecting animal-derived skincare products. 


To begin with, plant-powered vegan skin care products are precisely handcrafted and free of harsh chemicals that may damage your gentle skin. But, why?


  1. Sincerely Promotes Healthier Skin

With a constant effort of restoring, balancing and strengthening body cells by combating free radicals, the ingredients in plant-based vegan skin care support the skin microbiome, promote balanced moisture, and improve skin health.


  1. Natural Solution for Skin Problems

Fats and acids from plants assist in fighting skin’s dryness, greasy acnes and strongly combating oiliness, amongst other advantages like increasing skin’s elasticity.


  1. Avoid Cruelty Against Animals

Products that are closer to the Earth not only have a positive effect on your body but on the environment as well. Apart from being a need-of-the-hour, such products do not harm or kill animals to test the reaction of their products – they’re painful, cause of a million deaths and lack sustainability. 


Sorry to break it to you, but your favorite beauty and skin-care products, from shampoos to sunscreens, are often guilty of poisoning the oceans and harming marine life. Given how it was time to bring a change in the space, Turtle & Snail was born – with an ode to conserve natural resources for our future generations.


Apart from being a win for Mother Earth, plant-based vegan skin care doesn’t include any animal ingredients or by-products. What’s important to know is that cruelty-free and vegan are not the same. Cruelty-free products are products that are not tested on animals, but could still contain animal products and by-products.


At Turtle & Snail, we strongly believe in building an ecosystem that promises to stand for the environment: with an unwavering mission to protect the environment and bring complete transparency to an industry that has for long been plagued by misconceptions and inflated promises.

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