Welcome to Pamper-Town: All You Need to Know About Body Lotions

Admit it – applying body lotion is one of the most-fulfilling way to pamper yourself. A soft, quality body skin lotion can work wonders on a dehydrated, scaly skin which feels rough. But, how does a body lotion benefit you?

  • Replenish rough spots & re-hydrate dry skin
  • Smooth calluses
  • Add a natural glow

And most importantly, gives you a scent you can’t refuse! Nothing compares to a relaxing sensation of lotion applied to your feet, legs, or arms after a tiring (read: LOOOONNNGGGG!) day at work. In all fairness, there are only as many lotion types as per your moisturizing needs, so it’s quite essential to explore through wealth of scents and textures and pick the one that suits your personality and needs.

What’s even more important to decode is: do we moisturize beyond the winter season? With the cold weather ending, a shift in the air and a brief pack-up of all your cozy clothes – do you plan to toss out that moisturizer too? The fact of the matter is that although we don’t need that typical winter moisturizer anymore, it doesn’t mean that we don’t need a moisturizer at all. Moisturizing isn’t only for the winter season – it is necessary for all seasons, every day.

Moisturizers make the skin soft and smooth: this is the biggest reason of all! As we age in time, the skin gradually begins to lose its ability to retain moisture. 

Our home team at T&S understands your needs and cater to three priorities: Love, Soothing & Nourishment. 

  1. Japanese Muskmelon Hydrating Body Lotion

Now vegan and made with 100% ingredients of natural origin, including Japanese Muskmelon and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Goa, our creamy lotion melts straight into the skin, leaving it instantly soothed and smoother, without that sticky or greasy feeling.

  1. Mediterranean Rosemary Calming Body Lotion

De-stress and detach with our Calming Body Lotion that melts straight into your skin: the dual combination of rosemary leaf extract and aloe vera works wonders to moisturize and calm the skin, leaving in its wake a fresh aroma and smoother skin, sans the greasy texture. Vitamin C and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil offer just the right amount of hydration, leaving your skin fresh and youthful.

Keep calm and moisturize, you only live once.

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