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BEWARE: Your skin is 90% of your selfies! 

Now that we have your attention, it’s time you give some to your skin as well, especially with damaged skin being a part of the cycle.

Our skin and body tend to naturally age as we get older: with increasing lines, wrinkles, age spots, redness and so much more. In all technicality, skin is that strong, protective outer covering of our body. It comes with 3 different layers: the topmost layer is the epidermis; the middle layer is the dermis and the bottom layer is the subcutaneous or hypodermis. The epidermis layer constantly protects our body from the harmful effects of dirt, grime, smoke, harmful chemicals, and several pathogens. A strong exposure to these pollutants and ultraviolet radiation of sunlight badly damages the skin surface which results in the accumulation of dead skin cells, resulting the skin to appear as rough, dull, and dry.

Given your skin is fragile and can damage easily, it's always advisory to take precautions to avoid more serious signs of aging. Here are the five most common causes of skin damage:

  • Excessive exposure to the sun
  • Unhealthy diet & dehydration
  • Over-consumption of cigarettes and alcohol
  • Chemical irritants

If your skin is damaged due to any of the above factors, or simply due to the aging process, it’s essential we help you turn back the hands of time. Let’s start with exfoliating!

Exfoliation is the process of breaking apart the bond between unwanted dead skin cells and the skin’s surface: our body has a natural skin cell renewal mechanism where it sheds off dead skin cells and replaces them with newly produced skin cells. It not just improves the look and feel of the skin but keeps the skin healthy and balanced as it improves blood circulation in the skin, preventing several types of skin problems and clear the clogs created by dirt across skin pores. 

Hence, it is imperative to understand that skin exfoliation is an excellent way of rejuvenating the skin: regardless your skin type, you can opt to exfoliate regularly. 

But, where do you start from? At T&S, we have just the pick-me-up your skin will ever need – Australian Ylang Ylang Regenerating Face & Body Scrub. It’s sweet and fruity aroma, combined with the healing properties of walnut powder will buff away dead skin cells and provide deep exfoliation. 

Always remember, when it comes to skin care, gentler is generally better. 

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