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Mediterranean Rosemary Calming Body Lotion

Mediterranean Rosemary Calming Body Lotion

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Keep calm and moisturize

De-stress and detach with our Calming Body Lotion that melts straight into your skin, giving it just the R&R and pampering it needs. The dual combination of rosemary leaf extract and aloe vera works wonders to moisturize and calm the skin, leaving in its wake a fresh aroma and smoother skin, sans the greasy texture. Vitamin C and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil offer just the right amount of hydration, leaving your skin fresh and youthful.

Suitable for all skin types

Active ingredients: Mediterranean Rosemary | Aloe vera | Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 5% | Vitamin C

Net Wt./Vol. 3.3 fl oz | 100ml

100% naturally-derived

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