The Story of Skintellectuals at T&S

For us, it’s always been love at first touch. 

For real! Building a sustainable range of skincare products began with a heartfelt ode to the tropical essence of Goa and its beauty. 

P.S. when it comes to skincare, only the tried-tested and proven-effective products truly deserve a place on your bathroom shelf. Additionally, the best skincare products don’t just look great sitting on your countertop, they make real, measurable improvements in the way your skin looks and feels. Marrying this promise with the gentle formulas we develop from plants and minerals around us, we believe that the real price of beauty never has to cost us the environment we live in. 

This culminated into an entire range of environmentally-friendly skincare products, sans the harmful chemicals. Coupled with antioxidants, the safe and tested ingredients used in our product ranges aim to improve the overall health of your skin and leave you with that magical, healthy glow.

The ocean is downstream of [literally!] everything, and so all of our actions strongly affect the ocean and the marine life it holds. Born in Goa, we, at T&S, understand why this is an alarming, need-of-the-hour crisis. Staying true to our core mission of building a premium skincare alternative you can trust and preserving the biodiversity, we care about protecting all lives—marine, wild and human. Our 100% vegan and animal cruelty-free brand uses gentle formulas made from plants and minerals and is completely free from animal products and by-products. 

At T&S, we are constantly committed to build an ecosystem that advocates the environment with a clean, formulative and conscious skin care range. Our founders – the ultimate brains behind this business – come with a vision that focuses on 100% naturally-sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging that are safe for everyone: marine life, wildlife and human beings.

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